Pilar Tobon - Artist, Philanthropist and Leader

Pilar was born in Medellin, Colombia and during her life has been a resident of cities like Bogota, Barranquilla and London. She started her career in Colombia and then moved to Miami. From that location she continues to develop and promote Textile Art not only for herself but for many artists around the world. Today she lives between Miami and Punta del Este, where she is very active with her organization WTA.

During the Eighties she gets involved with textile, and that's where her career starts. She starts working with crafts ad fibers and then she merges into metals. As her own investigation progress, she reaches another phase of her career where tri-dimensional tapestries start to appear as some of her art pieces.

This phase is reached during the nineties and then she continues to evolve into a multi-technique artist, capable of delivering master pieces that are exposed worldwide in countries like Spain, Japan, USA, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, while she also participates in events in Italy, Brazil, Belgium, Uruguay, Mexico, Austria, Argentina, Poland and Turkey

"It is a great honor being able to take my work to so many countries worldwide and presenting such a spectacular form of art. My main goal is to help other artists to take their expressions of art and replicate the success I was so blessed to have."

From her arrival to Miami in 1997 Pilar has dedicated much of the late 90's along with the next two decades supporting World Textile Art an Organization she founded and continues to lead today. Her job has been able to promote textile art in the Americas. In 1997 she also becomes a member of the board of directors for the Latin American Art Museum of Florida, as the only textile artist. With the support of the museum and the City of Miami, Pilar hosts the first World Textile Art Biennial in Miami in the year 2000, giving birth to what then would turn into one of the most important events in the genre. The theme of the event is based on Pre-Colombian Renaissance.

Her next phase as a professional includes the opening of her own gallery and cultural center called Ara Gallery. The venue was located in Coral Gables, and has as one of its main purposes to promote textile. Ara Gallery because the ONLY art venue with permanent collections of textile art in South Florida. It is precisely there, where WTA hosts its second Biennial before it turned into a nomad event that would start visiting countries around the Americas and with plans to go to Europe as well.

Pilar continued that hard work that she picked as one of her milestones in life: Brining textile art to PRIME TIME all around the world. She believes that with hard work and dedication, such a beautiful form of art can become one of the most desired by art venues all around the world.

Ever since the creation of WTA in 1997, her hard work promoting contemporary textile art at the highest levels is showing very good results. Every day more and more artists are being able to present their work in the most exclusive art galleries and museums, as well as the Biennials are some of the most respected events today. She has been generous enough with such cause that she has sacrificed her own success, by completely isolating herself for almost a decade. But her dedication and her immaculate reputation has allowed WTA to reach tens of countries worldwide, and she still continues to participate in many events as one of the world's most knowledgeable individuals when it comes to Textile Art. Her career started a new phase with her latest collections that included the Kimonos and her Minimalist ERA. She is expected to re-launch one of her greatest successes called Faces from the Past, which will be exposed during the 2017 Biennial in Uruguay. She will also be working from her ateliers in Miami and Punta de Este, in new art work that includes the intervention of antique textile pieces.

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